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EMP Survival planning for beginners.
"transient electromagnetic disturbance, nuclear electromagnetic pulse "
Basic Survival planning

  Hello everyone;

Welcome to my EMP and survival website. My goal is to help people that are looking to start down the road to self-preservation, no matter the amount of money that you have.

I'll start with the very basics, and then add items to help you reach the goal level of where you want to be with the money that you have.

My overall view is a survival scenario in where we lose our electrical grid, that being from viruses, EMP strike or solar flare. I do not pretend to think that I could live through a chemical, biological or a Nuke strike. In today’s age of electronics, electronic funds, and our computer based society, you do not need to use those weapons anymore to harm a country or people. Most countries are on the edge of financial breakdown right now, so it would not take much to flip an entire modern country.

Start with a "run bag", that’s 1-3 days’ survival and go up from there.  My goal in this is to help those that are just thinking about that first EMP event or disaster and how to survive afterwards.

You are welcome to make suggestions, and if approved I will add your suggestions to the pages or create more pages if content is good for viewer’s w/wo your name on it, just email me.

DISCLAIMER: This website and its content are for informational purposes only. If you do not like what I post here, then move on and enjoy your life. Life is too short to get upset on what someone posts to a stupid webpage. On top of that, I am a known story teller, exaggerator and come from a long line of story tellers, BS artists, fisherman, ham radio nuts and truck drivers, all of which have been know to tell one whopper of a tale.
From our government leaders,
"that an EMP event is not a matter of If, but when".
Think about that statement for a minute. This means that either through natural causes or some terrorists’ event that an EMP will take place and at a level that would render all electronical devices worthless, unless protected.