When you know that you have to make that big choice and bugout.
Three types of runs; By foot and bicycle, by tractor or old car, or a pack the house event. Each one of these events will build on the
next category.

By Foot
Major EMP event, nothing runs. No electronics have survived. No cars start, no tractors, absolutely nothing electronic has survived
the EMP strike.
Get home! Take that EMP auto bag and start walking. Your family should know just about how long it will take other family
members to get back to the house.
Family already at home should prepare to bugout*1.
Give everyone in your family an extra day, maybe two, to make it home before bugging out.
Key items to take: Guns, cash and coins, important papers and prescriptions for family members.
Got bicycles? Use them, load them up.
Enough food for trip to redoubt, plus one extra day.
As much water as you can carry.
Cart, wheel barrow, or wagon pulled? Just depends, gives up a lot of mobility and your ability to stay hidden.
Carry light rifle/shotgun in hand while walking at the ready.
No bright color clothing, good boots waterproof, clothing appropriate for weather.
Everyone has gathered, head out with maximum loads one can carry on person.
If you have enough in your group, have someone walk point and use radios.
Take the small and back roads to your redoubt.
Try to make 10 miles a day if possible.
Walk a steady pace for slowest person, and take breaks with feet up.
Someone always on watch, possibly two.

By Tractor or old automobile (pre 1968)
Old tractor or auto is still running?  Well, there is some transportation for you! No trailer you say? Just load up a non-running
vehicle with your supplies and pull the vehicle to your redoubt area. Those old tractors can run at 6-8 MPH, so you can get quite a
way in a few hours’ time. If you have that pre-1968 vehicle with a mechanical fuel pump, just load it up and take off, should be
fine, yes it too could pull another car loaded with supplies as well.
Depending on the size of tractor or vehicle; you could attach a trailer, or pull another vehicle loaded with stuff, maybe
even two vehicles loaded.
If a tractor, take enough fuel to get there. Its slow, but faster and easier than walking and you can take a lot more supplies.
You would be surprised just how much a small garden tractor can pull.
Make sure you have your run bags ready to jump and run while in transport.
Use good chains and tow straps and remember, power steering without power sucks, and you may have to stand on the
brakes as well. Know how to pull another vehicle** so you do not break straps and chains.
Huge amount of supplies can be packed in a vehicle and that ole tractor will pull it.
Food: Dry, canned, spices and grains as much as you can pack.
Guns and ammo
Clothes, shoes, sheets, blankets and towels
MBR at the ready for navigator
Kitchen items: cutlery, pots and pans
Think survival items.

Take everything you can
So, everyone is at home when it hits, you have an old vehicle that still runs and you have a trailer(s). Pack the house! Leave one
auto in this caravan without a trailer. It becomes the lead car! Use radios to communicate a threat ahead of time or move vehicles
out of the way before the vehicle with trailers arrive.
Leave some primary supplies at house, hidden in places where only family will know, so that if you had to return for some
reason you could knowing that there are a few good supplies awaiting you. This also benefits that family member that did
not make it in time to leave with the main group. This then could be used to resupply them before bugging out.
Hand tools: hoes, shovels, saws, mechanically tools, etc.
If multiple cars and trailers, spread out supplies in each vehicle. This way if you lose a vehicle not all of one supply goes
with it, plus if you get separated, each vehicle has full range of supplies.
I hate to say this, but do the same with children, do not place them all in one vehicle and try to protect it. Any kid that can
handle a weapon is a team member now and is going to have to grow up fast!
Have radios in each vehicle with backups.
If a large group, have scout and someone bringing up the rear, half-mile ahead and a quarter-mile behind.
If the lead stops or is stopped by someone or something, the second car needs to have a rifle(s) centered on anything
approaching that lead vehicle.

Bugout*1 - Items to be prepared at house before you abandoned it.
Bugout checklist
House prep before leaving
Hide valuable items in known areas for family/friends, leave notes and instructions for late arrivals with routes planned and when
you departed. Do not tell anyone other than family and close friends where you are going, last thing you need is an asshole
showing up at your redoubt that you have to shoot.
Empty refrigerators and freezers and throw the food in the yard. If you are taking valuables with you, then open up the safe and
storm shelters so someone coming in knows there is nothing left in the house. Discourage squatters by leaving no valuable items
or food if at all possible. Scatter items by front door and back doors like the place has been ransacked, might discourage a few
from entering. On that note, do not lock the house, what’s the purpose for doing so?
Unless your electronics were protected, they are now worthless, no value other than paperweights and boat anchors. Leave them!
A simple working flashlight has now become more valuable than your phone.
** Pulling another vehicle
Pulling another vehicle is an art form. The trick is that the person that is in control of the vehicle being pulled, applies the slightest
pressure on the brakes so that there is no slack in the tow strap, belt or chain, but does not apply too much pressure to hinder
towing vehicle or heat up brakes. Drive slow and when you approach a known stop or turn, the person being towed is the one that
brakes both vehicles. Snapping or breaking your tow rope could ruin your entire escape plan.