What does one need in the way of weapons, specifically "guns" to survive? Well, if you do not have much money and you are just starting out, then the basics will get you by. One of the best things you can do in choosing these is keep to common calibers, do not purchase an odd cartridge size.

My basics list;
1-12 gauge pump action shotgun ( 200.00)
2-22 long rifle ( bolt or semi-auto) ( 200.00)
3-45 ACP pistol (180.00)
4-Semi-auto rifle (500.00)
5-Hunting rifle large caliber (300.00)
Pellet rifle (22 caliber) (200.00)

Hatchet (40.00)
Hunting knife ( 50.00)
Long bow or crossbow (400.00)

#1  purchase-12 gauge pump action shotgun

Such a versatile weapon.
My choice here would be the Mossberg Maverick 88 with 20 Inch barrel and 7+1 capacity. Slugs for big game, buckshot for close in protection and birdshot for game.

#3 purchase- 45 ACP pistol and 2 magazines

The most important feature of this purchase is that the damn gun does not jam, shoots any shell run through it and is easy to break down and clean. You will use this gun in close quarter combat and the last thing you want to happen is for it to jam!
My choice here would be the Hi-Point .45 ACP 4.5 in. barrel, 9+1 rounds. Amercian made, ugly as sin, heavy, but there is one key item that you cannot argue with, this thing shoots good and I have yet to have a single round jam in it.

I have 1911's and Glocks and love them, but I have had to stop and loose a jammed shell numerous times and they are finicky about what they will shoot. Remember, my whole point here is to find a economical weapon thats dependable to start.

Good weapons on the cheap

#5 purchase - Large caliber Hunting rifle

Dependable weapon for reaching out an tapping something and bringing it down in one shot. Besides that, it is in .308 Winchester ammo as well.

My choice here is the Mossberg Patriot Combo, 22in. Barrel and 5 +1 rounds. Great shooter, nice trigger and with the .308 you can reach out there.

So, you purchase #1, #2 and #3 to start.

Thats 700.00 bucks and you purchase some ammo for them, another 300, and some basic holsters and straps, another 150. Thats a cheap survival start!
Lets call it 1200.00.

Add #4 and you are still under 1500.00. Even with lots of 22 ammo.

#2 purchase- 22 long rifle

There are so many out there and availible that I do not have a specific recommendation  on this or the rest of the basics line, because I feel the rest of the guns are secondary to the first three.

Things to think about

Revolver versus semi auto pistol
A revolver beside your bed is the best damn thing in the world and if thats what you own it for , great! But if comes to close-in Firefight I want a .45 with at least 2 extra clips.

Keeping things simple?
One of my very first purchases as a young man was a 357 magnum and then I purchased a 1894CS Remington lever action rifle that shot 38/357 mags. One box of ammo to carry.

Good semi-auto rifle?
What should I look at: .223, 7.62X39, .308 or something else? You will get all kinds of answers from everyone you talk to, so you have to try out some of these different weapons and see what you like, what fits you and how accurate are you with each kind of weapon to be sure.

Guns, ammo and supplies first. Then slowly add the extras that will make it easier to haul and carry. Learn how to disassemble your gun, clean it properly and care for it. One of the best things you can do is learn a guns quirks, yes thats right, I have never met a gun yet that did not have one, because it could make the difference.

Think outside the box
Sometimes, you can find a great weapon thats a little odd, like a dragonov for a good price and find surplus ammo for it at half the price of normal newly manufactured ammo to shoot. Nice!

Rock Island 1911 is another good choice.

#4 purchase- Semi-auto Rifle

If you want a super dependable, cannot destroy weapon this model is it. Chrome lined barrel, shoot any type of ammo, easy to operate, get a "D" model and share AK47 magazines and the cost is low.