Farm property and buying it for survival

Farm property is easy to get and expense. There are many Farm credit union services to get a good 10,20 or even 30-year loan on a farm property (bare land). There is a catch, that is it must be clear farm property, no sub-divisions, parcels or such.

First choice to make is; do we want electricity on it or not from a local public utility? If so, this very much limits where you can stand up a home, cabin or RV retreat because you are going to have to run power lines back to it. This also is a dead giveaway for criminals when they see a driveway with power lines back to a home. If you are thinking solar and genset power, then that opens the door to more available cheaper properties.

Things to look for in your property

Does it have a good driveway or path that could be used for trucks and an RV trailer to be brought in? Does it have some form of water on it, being a spring, creek, pond and are there flat ground areas near the water that could be used for growing crops? Does it provide cover to hide your redoubt from eyes on the road even when there are no leaves on the trees? Does it have a good place to setup your Pole barn or cabin with amble areas for access and septic tank system drainage? Do you have any high ground to look around the area? Does it have a southern exposure for solar power? Does it get cell signal and how well? What is your neighbor situation like, are they close, far away and do properties around you have large or small lots with many owners? Is it in a flood plain? How many types of trees, fruits and berries are on it? Is there fish in the creek or pond? How is the wildlife on it, signs of rabbit, deer or turkey? Most important of all, is it backed up to a huge single property, as that would be best. How is the road that accesses your property, gravel, dirt or pavement? How far off any major roads is it, remember the farther the better? How far is it from your home you have now, within 3-5 days walking time at 10-15 miles a day? Does it have an old house on it with well and septic that could be used as a cabin or storage? How much are they asking for it compared to other properties for sale?

All these things must be included and weighed.

5 acres in southern Tennessee can be purchased for 3000 an acre or less. So, getting a 5-acre property you are going to need about 3000 down to get a conventional loan on it. So, save up and start looking around on sites and searches and get an idea of what’s out there and available. Then when you have the money get a realtor to help, one that knows farm properties areas and line up a Farm Credit Union with pre-approved financing.
Go looking for property, let your realtor know exactly what you are looking for and what you can afford. Take your time and let your Realtor find you that place.

Check my links page for a great realtor in the middle southern Tennessee area that knows that area!