Level 1 (the basics) 3-5 days

Three days of food, water and protection.
Preparing for; the first three days after the EMP strike.

At Home;
Most people have in their homes quite a bit of food in cabinets and refrigerators. One of the biggest issues that arrives is how to cook your food and water to drink and flush stools with if you do not have a gas stove and a septic tank. Like me, which I live in an all-electric home, if power goes out there are no services.

So, for the house in basics;
Coleman stove and Lantern 6-8 small tanks of Propane gas (single burner works great; camp stove is better)
1 gallon of water per person per day. (4 gallons if you do not have an external water supply, such as rain barrels, creek or pond to flush stools with)
Warm clothes.
Crank or battery powered AM/FM radio or TV

How do I do this?
Start listening to news reports on the outage and how long they expect for services to be restored. In the first 4 hours, you are going to want to start planning meals, who does what, who is on watch (yes that is right, someone needs to watch things). Prepare a cooking area on patio or in garage if you do not have a gas stove in your home. Always open the garage door before cooking. Eat the food in the fridge first. Use paper instead of normal plates and cups and if you do use your normal dishes store dirty items in dishwasher until you decide to wash a big batch of dirty dishes. Listen to the radio often for updates and changes in your area. Consider making a move to your fallback area if this event is global and a full EMP that has taken out all electronics. This is important if all autos have stopped running and you are going to have to walk.

I keep 3 - 6-Gal plastic water jugs in garage to use for drinking water for those first 3 days.

Team up with your neighbors and friends for watch services and use FMRS or GMRS radios to communicate with them locally, they are super cheap and work great.

So, how much would these three days’ worth of basics cost you? Not much at all!

Be sure to keep Radios and electronics you want to use protected from EMP's or they will not work. More on that later.

Level 1 item list

Dehydrated food ( 2 meals per day per person)
Colemen propane stove
Colemen propane lantern
Flashlights ( several)
Batteries for devices
Matches and lighters
AM/FM radio with weather channels ( battery or crank-up)
Fresh water ( 1 gal per person, per day) 4 gallons if no alternate water
Warm clothes if cold weather

Optional list

rain barrels and gutter catch ( for flushing stools)
shortwave radio
Handie-talkie FMRS or GMRS radios
Oil lamp
Coleman stove top oven