Level 2
1 to 2 weeks survival
You have 3 days’ supplies on hand from level 1. You are watching the news or listening to the radio reports and this EMP strike is across an entire region of the states, so what do you do?

You must sit down with your family and decide which plan of action is going to be your best bet (and that is what it is) to keep you safe, fed and able to survive. Most families have kin folk nearby that they can rely on, others do not. Having that "plan of action" for this type of event already in place in your family and within your friends will really make a huge difference. Make sure that everyone knows what the game plan and knows what to do and where to go even if that means "on foot". My choice at this point would be to move to the fallback locations as things will become much worse, especially if you live in a city of any size.

So, you are going to stay put and make it 1-2 weeks in house, here is what I would want to plan for building on your level 1 plan.

Go talk to your neighbors and find out who is staying and who is going if you live in a community. Work with them for communications, watch patrols and build a relationship, not only for protection but to share and exchange services, who knows your next-door neighbor could be a nurse or doctor, better yet a gun enthusiast! Find out who has a working clean deep well in the neighborhood. Are there any Ham radio operators in the hood? Do I have a septic tank or I am on public sewer system? The latter could be horrible if it stops working and you live in a low area, I would look to go.

Fresh water for drinking, cleaning and dishes, plus, flushing stools. Level 1 rule still applies! That’s a lot of water, so where do I get it? Either you have a good well with large genset to run it or 55-gallon Rain Barrels and a good pump type ceramic water filter or go with a cheaper 5-gallon ceramic drip system using 2 -5 gallon barrels. Its low maintenance and always there even in winter.

Food for two weeks is easy in today’s age, all you must do is purchase dehydrated food meals in a tub to allow 2 full meals a day per person. All they require in most cases is boiling water, so your camp stove is perfect. Todays dehydrated food is good! Especially when you are hungry!

More propane to power your stove and Lantern and it might be a good idea to entertain a large tank with expansion tree to use instead of the little bottles. (propane stays good for up to 10 years if not exposed to extreme weather)


FMRS and GMRS radios with rechargable batteries
2-3 55 gallon rain barrels with gutter catch kits full of water or a nearby water source ( like in your yard close)
Fresh water for drinking and cleaning
Pump water filter or a drip ceramic 5 gallon barrel system
Lots of dehydrated food
Sprouts with mason jars and screens for greenery
Large propane tank with expansion tree
Shortwave radio with long wire antenna for reports
GMRS radios
Pet food
Entertainment items
5 gallon plastic buckets with lids

Optional items

Whole house propane Generator with large tank ( 500 lb)
More gas for your gas generator
Local deep fresh water well
Septic tank system
GoSUN solar camp stove


Rain barrels are awesome, 25 dollar 55 gal food grade barrels with a 45 dollar rain gutter kit. Has spicket to fill buckets as well. Great for flowers or garden and water to flush stools with.

If you live in a tight community running a genset (even a quiet one) is going to give you away and make you a target quickly, now if you live out in the country by yourselves, then having one is a good idea as it will take the crazies a while to go to the country looking for food. Really consider some type of solar power (portable) that can charge batteries.

A good shortwave radio and long antenna wire. Best if radio or power for it is crank able or solar. If this event is global, those ham radio operators will still be transmitting good information that you will want to know from around the world.

Entertainment for all; Yes, you are going to get bored! Cards, games and chore work to keep you busy. Devote time to neighborhood watch and helping others if possible when safe to do so. Intruder defense practice is a great tool and good way to kill time.

GMRS radios. Great walkie talkies for the whole family, which is a must have item, especially with a family or local group.

If you are by yourself with no local watch group, then start getting paranoid and start thinking trouble. Do not attract attention to your home or property. This means blackout conditions in your home at dark, no fires in the fireplace, no cooking yummy food on patio, all of which will attract un-wanted people. Unless you have a good watch program with neighbors I would not be seen at all.

I discuss here about generators and cooking outside, but there is another choice as well if you do not want to be seen or heard. There is something to be said about staying hidden as well and this can be very good if do not want people to know that you are holed up in house. Better yet, if you do start to see violence and vandalism getting close, outsmart them. Open your front door (screen) and warp it like someone has already broken in, then take some of your stuff and scatter it across the front yard like your house has already been hit, just like the neighbors.

Personal protection- yes, you are going to have to protect yourself in the event of attack if/when things turn ugly. To me it does not matter what you have, that being a baseball bat to AK47 if you know how to use it well.

Pets are going to need food too, so make sure you keep at least two weeks of food on hand for them. Those animals may be a great detection system for intruders if they are well trained or they could give you away as well if not.

last thought, keep in mind that society is going to break down and get really, ugly at this point especially if this is a regional or north american event. There will be no "rescue" effort and the thought of being anywhere close to a city scares me more than trying to survive. You really are on your own at this point.