Level 3
1 to 3 months of Survival
One to three months of hunkering down in your home and survive? Time to get real serious with life, yourself and what is going on around you and making some major life decisions.

What is going on around you that you would want to try and survive 1 month or more at your home that has no power or services? When you are planning survival at this point for this long of time, then events all around you locally and regionally have collapsed and you are forced to stay where you are because there are no better options. I would hope that if you do plan to survive this long a time frame after an EMP strike that you have a fallback cabin, friends place or family place that you can go to in the country to get away from the masses and survive.

If you live in a city, community or on a main road and all hell has broken loose in this country, then chances are you are not safe, nor well be in the next couple of months no matter how well you plan and prep for this event. People will leave the cities in mass looking for food and shelter in the country. The more isolated your fallback position is the better for a small group. There may, in isolated country communities be enough people to come together to support and protect themselves, but this would take a great deal of organization to accomplish and chances are not likely to happen or remain in place when the masses arrive. In organization’s such as this, there will be too many soft-hearted people that will be the downfall of those hearty folks, sorry it happens and is just life.

Within less than a month you will see gangs form (mainly from the cities) and they will send out search parties looking for food and these parties will not care about anything you hold dear, they will take it from you without thinking twice. That is the mentality you will be facing and it will only multiple into the second and third month and it will be harder and harder to survive.

At this point, you really are in deep survival mode and you want to live no matter what happens and Go down fighting! So before two weeks were up in level 1&2, I would make that decision to run to your fallback location.

What if I do not have a fallback location?
Start finding one now! Who do you know that has a farm, cabin or other property out in the country that you could make a deal with or become partners with so you could run there, make a stand and survive with them? What could I offer them for my part in this partnership?
This is your #1 goal at this point. (check out page "farm Property" on how to buy yours)

This leads me into the fallback position and what it would take to make it. Go to the "redoubt" page to learn more on this fallback position.

If you already have a home in the country, then many of the items in the following pages will help fortify it.