Level 4
Long term survival, 4 months on to 1 year or more

When you are looking at this amount of time to survive you are going to have to have a small group assembled to be able to share responsibilities. The absolute smallest group would be 4. There is just too much work to do at this point to make it on your own. I am not saying you couldn't with fewer, but it would be extremely difficult and here is why. Unless, you have a year’s store of supplies at hand, your Redoubt is completely hidden, camouflaged and you have no intention on surfacing during that entire time, that would be the only way you could do it with less than 4.  Otherwise you are going to have to at least 6 people. Hopefully those are family members or best friends that you trust completely.

Let’s talk about your team
This is not going to be for people weak at heart, soul or fortification. This team is going to have to be hearty, know how to work hard, be dependable, have a strong mindset and can bring something (skillset) to the table.  Those team’s members should try to be as diverse as possible so that cultures, views and thoughts can thrive, but play well together. A Leader, someone is going to have to lead and in cases like this, that is going to be your elders! you need someone trained in medical ways as part of your team, does not matter what level either, but a nurse, doc or medic is great to have on one’s team. Many of us (such as myself) remember the days when there was no electricity at my grandparents’ home that we  lived. It was a simple life, but one that was filled with many great memories and hard work.

All the work to do
Garden, hunt, cut firewood, patrol, fish, harvest, can for winter, planning, protect, talk to your neighbors, repair things, build things, scout out items, guard what you have and do things as a team. That means you cannot leave your redoubt empty, someone should guard it, fix meals for the rest, wash clothes and so on. Just think of all the work you must do to survive!

Below, I list big items that one would need, but as you read the list you will understand just what it is going to take to survive in the coming years after a large EMP event. Other links below will take you pages of information on what to prepare for and think about in preparing your fallback. I am not going to go into details like; how to grow a garden or how to can or store food because there are much better websites to learn from. What I will give you, is ideas about the infrastructure items to survive with, so you can live comfortably.

If you already have a home in the country, then many of the items in the following pages will help fortify it.


Food and supplementals

1 year supply of dehydrated food
2 year supply of supplemental vitamins and minerals
3 year supply of sprouts
5 gallon pails of grains ( wheat, 7 grain and oats) as many as you can buy.
Grain stone grinder
Cooking knives
skinning knives
sharpening stones
Kitchen steel
food dehydrators
Canning jars and lids
Pressure canner with jiggle control

Heavy Duty clothes
wash tubs
Gloves both warm and thin
Sythe ( europeon or American)
Corn shucker hand type
Big crosscut saw
Axes of all sizes
Carts to haul things in
Wheel barrows

The list goes on and on....