Other items and random thoughts

PC DATA, Photograph ( digital) and other media and important papers

I have converted my entire 35 mm film collection into digital pics, I have stripped all my movies into .mkv files so I can play them on all my devices at the house, trailer and traveling and I have tons of music as well all on shared drives. So much so that I have nearly 4 TB of data to backup, store. What a loss it would be to lose all that in the first strike!

How I plan to keep it and use it

I purchased a couple of older laptops, upgraded them to larger ram, SSD drives and win10. I keep them in my safe. I also purchased a couple of 4 TB USB drives and keep backups of everything on them in my safe and rotate them. This way if it all goes down, I have at least 2 copies of everything and a PC to look at them on. Might last a few years of watching movies and listening to music? I also have all my CHIRP software and programs loaded there as well for programming my radios. I have a small amp ( 12VDC) with quaility speakers also placed in 55 Gallon drums protected to play my music and movies. I also have an old 24 inch TV/DVD player stuffed into a drum too. ( that was the biggest I could find that fit.)

Important Papers

Make sure your plan has at least copies of important paperwork up at your redoubt. This way if society ever did return to civilised level, you would have proof of who you are and what you own.


Yes, I do enjoy a good drink of an evening, but my stash will run out quickly at the redoubt I am afraid, so what to do? Thats right a still. Believe it or not, you can purchase one off the internet, LOL thats right. Just keep those mason jars, sugar and corn handy, or go bigger and really trade and barter with neighbors.

I started accumulating survival books about 30 years ago. I have old ones based on no power, new ones based on all the new tools, books on wild plants that you can eat and the poison ones too. Bird and game books, canning books, and game and crossword puzzles. Lots of maps, detailed and not so I can tell where I am atand where I must go. Most important I have several bibles.