Mobile Run Bag for Auto
Call it what you want; Run bag, go-bag, emergency bag or in my case we call it a EMP Bag ( or Electrical Magnetic Pulse bag). It all amounts to the same thing, a small portable backpack with essential survival items that can get you home if all hell breaks loose and you are away from home.

They can be customized for your flavor, large or small, add items approriate to your area, cold or hot weather, and for who you are protecting. The whole point of this bag is to get you home if you are 50 miles or less from your house and there is a disaster.

So what to include in this bag?
Here is what I have in mine for Northern part of the southeast US;

Full Poncho ( camo)
Crank-up small AM/FM/weather radio wrapped in two layers of heavy foil.
Good Knife ( belt type)
Dehydrated food ( backpacking type bags 3-4 single serving)
Dehydrated food no flame heater with 5 heat bags.
small canteen ( water bottles work too)
Water Filter ( purifier or straw)
Bug spray
Emergency blanket
water purification pills
snacks ( protein bars, etc.)
Personal items ( mini-tooth brush, paste, comb, toilet paper and MEDS)
Med kit
detail map of local area
Flashlight old school with bulb ( wrapped with foil)
backup batteries
hiking shoes
Spork or plastic utencils
jacket with hoodie
air filter
50 foot parachute cord
Waterproof matches and a small mag striker

Most important in this list is a good backpack with waist belt and comfortable shoulder straps to carry at least 20-25 pounds.

Other items I carry;
2 meter/ 70 CM ham radio handy-talkie on batteries
Amazon hat with facial bug screen.
fishing kit
Personal protection

My bag fully loaded with water weighes in at 29 lbs, my wife's bag is lighter because she is smaller.ern

Why the flameless heater for the food, why not build a fire?
Good question!

OK, lets take a look at a scenario; we have just had a major EMP strike, every electronical device in 1000 miles is dead. There are no lights, no power, no cell service, nothing. You are 25 miles from your home and it is 3 PM. You start walking towards your house and it is getting dark and you are hungry, what are your options? Build a fire or warm your food quietly with the warmer?
You know as well as I that if you build that fire that it will light up like a light house and invite unwanted company, which is not a good option.

The first 48 hours will be the most critical for getting home if you are caught in an EMP strike in your car!

The first 24 hours - People will not have reacted yet and will be in shock and not know what to do. This is your best time to get as far as you can towards your home without being harmed.

The next 24 hours- People will be getting the picture that electrical shit does not work anymore, cars do not work, food is going bad in fridge and they will start to panic. On the second day there will be limited violant actions. Avoid high population centers and stay away from people! Be strong, you cannot help everyone along the way if you intend to make it home and survive yourself.

The next 24 hours ( third day) - Things are going to go downhill fast at this point because there will be no law or law enforcement and you will be on your own. If you are still traveling at this point, go off road and make your way home. Do not be caught out in the open, stay concealed as much as possible.

Make it habit to take and use your bags and think ahead!

Keep the bags in the auto or hang them in garage and put them in car as a habit on each and every trip when you leave the house. That one time you don't could be your demise.

Once a year, swap out all perishable or "best used by" supplies in them.