My view of life and the future
Like the saying goes, the older you get, the wiser you become. Here I am in my 60’s and I look around at the
things that are going on in the USA and the world. How people are treating one another, how honest they are
and what they value the most in life. Each day I learn a new fact that adds to the other facts that…. At some point
this all will break down and fall apart. I see no means of it holding together or getter better any time soon.
Have I given up? Oh hell no, I continue to fight the daily battles and try to be positive on life matters and the
future. The only real change personally has been a slight change in future retirement investments to items
based on basic survival living, because at some point, that is what we will be doing, just surviving because of the
direction we are headed.
Why do I feel this way, what facts and items do I see and hear that make me feel this way?

Pension funds of cities, state and federal entities.
Each day I read about another city, state or federal entity that the pension fund will not cover all retirees. I am
not talking about a small reduction either, I am talking catastrophic failure of the system because the investors
based the entire system on a growth only (pyramid) system. So, the question becomes, what are these retirees
going to live on when it fails, or who is going to come to the rescue to bail them out? Where will this go?

Health care system
I can remember the day when I paid nothing out-of-pocket for my company health care just 15 years ago. What
happen?  I now pay 11% of my take home pay in Insurance each month and worst of all my company pays the
other 89% of those costs. That’s insane and each year it continues to climb and the co-pays get larger. How will I
afford this in 10 years, let alone 20?

Black and white, wrong and right are gone.
I feel that this is one of the biggest areas of failure in the USA. I see this all around me, people are not honest
with one another or themselves. On top of that, if you are honest and speak out about it, you are labelled as a
raciest, bigot, or some other type of ugly person. Facts do not matter anymore, only feelings or what one
populace group says is right or wrong.

Piss poor parenting
I think it started back in the 60’s when things started to fall apart and there was the change of parenting and how
children viewed the world.  I do not know exactly what it was, but something flipped and since then there has
been generation after generation of children raised with no morals, values or understanding of right and wrong.
Worst of all there has been no social out cry for this as it was considered normal behavior and the “new way” to
raise your kids.
I just read an article about Baltimore teachers and that 45 of them have quit because their classrooms have
become un-controllable, many have been seriously injured and they fear for their lives. This should be a wake-
up call for everyone. But, the article was only made public by a small newspaper and did not make the big news
media. I wonder why. It does take a city to raise your children in today’s society, seriously, because they are out-
Yes, I know many families in which their children are being raised correctly, but they continue to decline in
numbers each year. I think this will level off at some point, but will never increase again.
Too easy to cheat on everything and suffer no consequences if you get caught
It has now become normalized to cheat on everything, honesty and integrity mean nothing anymore.  I used to
be in a position to hire people, it was amazing to me how people could so openly lie on resumes, thinking that
they could get away with it, or spouses cheating on each other, or tests for certifications, training, schooling,
almost everything anymore can be cheated on, and more and more people are falling into that gray area of right
and wrong and that wrong has become, OK.

Left versus right
I will try to keep it short here. What a nightmare this is. The only thing that both left and righters agree on is to
protect their ideals. We all know what both sides stand for, we see it every day on the news, in real life and
even in our schools. You cannot avoid it. They are so wrapped up in their ideals that they cannot see what to
change to make it better for all of us. Let’s face it and deal with it; People in cities are mainly liberal and people
in more rural areas and the south are more conservative. That is not going to change. Haven’t you idiots figured
that out yet? Well, work with that and make some changes accordingly, instead of trying to oppress one group or
the other depending on where they work and live, try changing it so everyone can work and live according to
how they want too and what areas they live in.

Drugs, legal and illegal
Each time I see a doctor and he asks what prescriptions am I on and say nothing, they just stare at me and then
ask me more questions on what drugs I am taking. I again, have to inform them that I take no drugs. Americans
are taking way too many drugs and supplying our children with way too many drugs. I think that this is all
planned to be honest, how does a pharmaceutical company produce billions of Opioids, transport them and sell
them fully knowing they are in an illegal drug transaction and get away with it? Its because it is supposed to
happen, someone again has planned it this way for a reason. The dumbing down of America and making people
do unfathomable things so more controls are put into place.

North Korea, Russia, China or name your bad guy
Someone is going to do something stupid and it is only a matter of time before it happens. Then all hell is going
to break loose. Can you even fathom what would happen if a Nuke EMP struck the west coast? Over 100 million
people from southern California to Seattle would be hit and most of western USA affected as well. Guess where
they would head? East. Is the Midwest and Eastern United States ready for that? Can you just imagine what
would happen to SF, LA or Seattle when the lights went out? There would be no recovering from that, just look
how long it is taking to rebuild a tiny island after the hurricane damage and how many people have left it. 

Cashless society
The rumor mill is running on overtime on this one in DC, because our senators and congressmen have been
having closed door meetings on doing away with all 50 and 100 dollar bills. Making everything electronic money
and transfers. Oh yes, this is what I want. Just think about it, that due to an EMP strike, a corrupt person in
authority, or a hacker that all your wealth could disappear instantly. Other countries have already done this.  I
see this happening in the next 5-10 years or sooner here in the USA and the entire world.

USA’s debt issue
It just continues to climb and is out of control, worst of all no matter who is in office, they continue to keep
spending money that does not exist. We cannot even create a budget that would at least stop the increase in
spending, let alone actually reduce it. Guess what, at some point someone has to pay that bill.

Our roads, bridges, railway systems, marine systems, airport systems are all way past replacement or upgrades
and end of life cycles. We continue to decrease spending on these areas and increase it on social welfare
expenditures. Where is the money going to come from to rebuild our systems or are we going to become a third
world country, because it really is starting to look that way in some major cities?

Unhealthy People
When I speak of this I am talking about all unhealthy people in every way; those that are obese, sugar fanatics,
smokers, drug users and people too lazy to get off their asses and at least walk. These people are the ones that
are changing society as products and drugs are being developed to accommodate their weaknesses. This then
causes health insurance to rise and those type of people become more dependent on drugs, mobilization and
care. Not only that, but not being healthy has a tremendous effect on one’s well being mentally. Each year the
rate of people becoming obese continues to rise and we see more and more crazy people doing un-believable
destruction and violate acts. I see this being why its happening.

Term limits
We are all aware of the power structure of our current political environment. Let’s face it, when you have been a
career politician in the same seat for 10, 15 or 20+ years, you are going to control what is being said, done and
why. You will grow a power base and do what you want, not what your voters want or what is right. We see this
quite well today. We have to have term limits. I myself would like to see 6 years at the most, but would agree
with 8. The rule being, that you can you can always go up, but never stay or go down at any level. So, as a
senator/congressperson you have served your 8 years, you could run for president or vice and then president
and then you’re out.

A protected society
This means a controlled society; car seats, airbags, seat belts, MC helmets, no riding in back of pickup trucks,
gates, airport security, gun laws, vehicle fuel mileage mandates and the list goes on and on. This is not
protection, it is control, step by step planned control of you. Each year it is a new law, restriction, rule, tax,
requirement with more control over an issue that would not even be an issue if people were responsible,
healthy, honest and caring. But this has been planned for years and decades, this also includes all the new laws
that no one can keep up with, or the tax rules. It is being done on purpose so that when the time comes where
someone thinks you’re not fitting in with their views or the way they want things; they can remove you without
issue and have laws to back it up.

The media stirring the pot and controlling our thoughts
Don’t think for a second that major money and power are not controlling what you see, read and hear on the
news? How like one little college out in California is going to have a “repulsive” speaker show up a week from
now, and then that event is publicized on national news circuits, or how one politician’s view represents all
politician’s views, or on how when one person acts badly, then that represents all of that persons race in the
same manner? Just keep in mind, that the more “trouble” there is, the more controls one can put into place. Oh
yes, don’t think for a second that this is anything else other than a planned event. Look already at what colleges
are doing, they are banning all speakers now. Interesting, that free speech is being terminated in this manner.
How will you voice your opinion if there are no formats to do so, other than the major news outlets?

Oh, you know I had to go here, but it is not what you think. Most Churches and religions all teach you the same
basic things when it comes down to it, be a good person to others and yourself, be honest, forthright and help
The people that want total control do not want religions around. They want society to break down so they can
rule, they do not want true believers and good people to prosper and multiple, they want us to go away, we are
not onboard with their plan to conquer and rule. We are the very opposite of what they believe and we make it
impossible for them to take over today. I believe that they will eventually win. It is also possible it may backfire
on them and they get taken over by some other group or country that wants control.  

Lobbyists and corruptible money
Let’s face it, money does buy votes. Why are lobbyists at Washington DC if they are not buying votes? To spend
money on their representatives to pass laws that make them money in their businesses, in their districts and
globally. Oh yes, there are so many ways to hide money in today’s world environment to get rich legally as a
politician, just look at the Clinton’s before and after, prime example of corruption, legally done.

Equal rights for all?
When do we start treating each other as equals? That is, as human beings all here on this planet to enjoy our
short existence to; prosper, learn, build relationships, have children, teaching, and help one another. I just
cannot believe that we still have laws and requirements in this country and other countries that define levels of
status within the society, and it is those laws that create this imbalance within the thinking of people. We are all
equals under the eyes of God, let us all try and remember that when it comes to our; businesses, the way we
treat one another and most importantly how we think.

Baby Boomers exit
I truly believe that as the boomers die off, there will be a fundamental change in society. I do not think this will
be a good change either, and as one of the last of the boomers to go, I feel I will see this change happen. I
believe it is those boomers that are still holding things together, and as that power base disappears so will
society as we know it, or knew it once was. It will be the end to the great freedom, independent living, and
responsible livelihood that most of us boomers grew up with and have tried to uphold during our lifetimes. It
will be missed by those left behind that still try to follow.

Final thoughts
Several years ago when Japan was devastated by the earthquake and following tsunami, not one single major
crime happened during that recovery period. Not one! Can you imagine what would happen across this country
if California got hit by the “big one”, or a EMP goes off over the west coast? Yea, this place would come apart in
less than a week. That is my fear, we have fallen so far and become so wicked, that one single catastrophe could
be the end of life as we know it, and that we may never recovery from it.