Protecting electronic devices from an EMP Strike

How do I Protect my electronics from EMP?

That is a great question and we come back to basics in what stops radio waves from traveling? What will stop a radio wave better than anything?


Cave, storm shelter, saferoom ( steel reinforced concrete at least 8 inches thick) cellars with heavy dirt or concreate above it and limited entry. These will be the best to stop that signal from getting your equipment, but in most cases these areas are damp and play hell with electronics as well, so elevate and make sure those areas stay dry.

Steel Buildings

Steel buildings or stuctures ( like a faraday cage) will also stop the signal, I think not as well as D & C but pretty fair and I would take the chance. Best idea is the old quonset hut as these are all steel and strong!

Smaller scale storage in steel

Steel Food grade barrels with removable lids in; 55, 30, and 16 gallon size. Easy to access, pest and bug proof, food grade with no harmful chemicals and they are cheap! 25 bucks each! standing on end or build a bench for them.

Aluminum  foil

I am a bit leary of this item, but many people swear by it. And for items that you cannot fit in the drums, well it may be all you have to try and protect electronics. Use HD foil if at all possible and maybe a couple layers with insulation in between.

So, store all your gear in these areas to be ready to work for you after the strike. My thoughts are that I would not bring items out if at all possible until a couple weeks have passed in case some nut job decides to deliver the second payload and ruin all your new gear you just brought out to use. Or leave it in there til you need it.