Cabin, RV, old home, Kit home or barn

What do I need for short term survival at a cabin, lodge, shelter, farm, cottage or even an RV at my fall-back location? Fresh water, food, heat (winter), shelter, protection, meds, communication, clothes, tolietries and so on in large supplies. Let take each of these items and talk about them.

Just about any water can be purified to drinking levels, so this means you have to have it nearby your shelter; This means a pond, creek, shallow well or spring or a gutter and barrel catch system. You can purify it using several methods as well; clorox, UV ( clear plastic bottles), ceramic filters and so on.

Easiest solution is Dehydrated meals, for a few hundred dollars you can purchase tubs of meals to last anywhere from a month to a year. Then supplement that stash with other items that you like; soups, canned meats, can vegetables, pasta and so on. This way the packaged stuff is your mainstay, but you get to have some real meals as well. ( many wild plants and seasonings in there as well) Best bet for green items is "sprouts", easy to grow and harvest and extremely good for you.

You are going to have to have some type of shelter to stay in, that being a cabin, barn, HD tent, RV, house, does not matter other than what you want and can live with for several months. All it must have is a way to stay warm in the cold months, that being a fireplace, wood stove or other means ( oil furnance with tank).
BTW, an RV is an excellent way to go as long as it can be enclosed around the bottom to keep from freezing.

At this point I am going to recommend having a weapon. I say weapon, not gun because this is a personal choice. As i have stated before, I got buddies that are deadly with crossbow and longbow. Their thoughts are that after a certain time ammo will run out, you just as well get good with something that one can make and use for a long time and I agree, they have a good point and best of all those weapons are quiet. All the same, they are 25 years years younger than me, so I would prefer to have a gun, stash of ammo and a good knife.
My choice would be a 22 LR rifle, 12 ga. shotgun, pistol ( sidearm) for each person in group, and a hunting rifle or two at minimum. Keep the same calibers as much as possible between weapons. KNOW HOW TO USE THEM.

You are going to need to know what is going on around you globally and have a good reliable local communication system as well with a small group. This means a good short wave radio that can be powered by a crank or battery, CB radio, and walkie talkies of some sort. Solar powered operations is going to be your best bet for these devices. ( see the solar Powered GMRS repeater page)

This includes lots of TP, your MEDS if you have them, soap, shampoo, a good med kit, aspiron, cough meds,. Just think about what all you have in the medicene cabinet now and take notes on what you will need, especially "technu" for poison ivy. Big item for me would be several bottles and cans of bug spray!

Good grief the list could be endless here, such as; Pots and pans, untencils, cooking knifes, tub to wash in, towels, sleeping bags or blankets, "how to" books on everything, tools, rope, matches, flints, razor wire ( just kidding), and great set of binonculars, shovels, gloves, hats and so on.

Items of value. This could be a simple as Toilet paper or a pair of shoes up to coinage of silver and gold. When supplies are limited anything could be of value to barter, so think; booze, tobacco, drugs and every other vice you can think of, as it will be in demand.

Hopefully you have a septic tank at your cabin or RV parking area, if not an outhouse will have to work for you, hopefully covered and wind blocked. You can also build a simple Septic tank using PVC and 55 Gallon drums that work very well.

Yep, you are going to have to cut some to fill the wood stove or fireplace.