EMP proof transportation

I have studied this one to death. I have seen tests performed by the US government on different automobiles and trucks and what happen when a limited EMP strike happen close by, let alone a major one. In all reality, I do not think anyone has a real idea on what is going to happen, but here are some guidelines and ideas.

If any vehicle is in a shielded area, it will survive the EMP strike.

Shielded areas would include; underground parking areas, above ground steel reinforced concrete parking garages (if you stay to the center in parking) and possibly steel buildings with steel roofs, anything that would shield the strike from a vertical position.

Older automobiles and motorcycles

In tests on older cars with the original points and condenser type of ignition found that many made it through tests, and on others only the condenser failed and had to be replaced which is an easy fix. Autos and bikes started to go electronic in the mid to late 60's, so if you purchase one of these older models and it is original, you stand a good chance of having a running car or bike after the strike. The Cushman scooters of this era is a prime example as they had Magneto ignitions on them, along with a 52 Chevy Pickup with 6-cylinder motor and a mechanical fuel pump in it.

Diesel Trucks, small and large are the same way. They were all mechanical injection systems up until the mid- late 60's as well and then they started moving to the electronic injection systems.

Some of the old Military Deuce and halves also had variable fuel system engines in them as well and would run just fine on about any type of fuel you dumped in it, from Diesel to alcohol. They are still around and for sale.

This is also the same for tractors too, so keep that in mind. Hey look at this way. You have no auto that runs after strike, but you have this old tractor that can pull anything and is still running, right? Well, it could pull your RV trailer or a couple of your cars loaded with stuff up to the farm if you have enough fuel for it. Be slow, but you would get there with a bunch of stuff and family and you would not have to walk! Make sure you got tow straps or chains.

Take the road less traveled

On your way to the fallback do not travel the big roads. That is where you are going to find most of your stalled vehicles, people, blockage and trouble. Take the back roads! Know how to get to your farm through all the small roads because you may have to walk there!